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The Consultancy carries out its work through a group of professionals that combine their specialisation on the global market with their extensive experience in different activity areas. This is complemented with the collaborations that IMEXGINCO maintains with other professionals from the sector, both in our country and in third markets. This enables us to obtain more efficient results in the projects developed.

Our company is basically engaged in advisory and management activities related to foreign trade matters. Our services are aimed at those companies that wish to globalise their activity and access new markets, either by obtaining a supplier and/or a customer depending on the needs of the moment and adapting to the profile of each company that hires our services. Furthermore, we help them adapt their daily activity to the commercial and legal requirements of the international markets.

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We are aware of the economic and financial effort that a micro-enterprise or a small enterprise has to make to be able to independently manage foreign trade on a day to day basis, which is why we offer them the possibility of subcontracting our infrastructure, acting as their Foreign Trade Department and also showing them how to reach a certain degree of operational independence.

In any case, our priority objective is to offer advice and support to companies that require our services in order to undertake new expansion actions or maintain an optimum level in actions already established.

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